Be grateful, you’re fortunate.

Everyone likes to think of themselves as self-made men, and while that might be true in some extreme cases, chances are that you received some help from someone along the way, be it your family, friends or a stranger you met. Every fleeting moment of your life is a decision and a lot of them involve interactions with the people around you. Your life is one big sum of all these interactions with all these wonderful and not-so wonderful people. Be grateful to those around you.

After I did some calculations, I realized that getting a part-time, minimum-wage job in the USA, working 3 hours a day, 3 days a week is just a little under what my cousin in India made working her first full-time job. Friends, things could always be worse. Don’t get too comfortable, there are millions of less fortunate people out there who would love to have your “shitty” job. You’re very, very fortunate.


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