Change the future, today.

Having been at an engineering school for close to 3 years now, I’ve realized that it is fairly easy for students to believe that the only right place to end up after graduation is in industry. Every trimester, close to a hundred companies arrive on campus to recruit the brightest engineers of tomorrow. I believe that while this might be a suitable, secure option for students to pay off student loans or start saving for a family, it isn’t necessarily the most satisfying route for one to take.

When I graduate, I don’t want to turn into a drone that performs the same job day in, day out. Hopefully, I’ll end up at a smaller company that is striving to change the future, today. While severely outnumbered, a significant number of smaller companies strive to improve technologies, design new products and innovate new techniques on a daily basis. The community atmosphere at smaller companies is unparalleled by its larger counterparts.I want to be able to pour my heart and soul into my work, I want to lose track of time and I want to be totally immersed in a driven, motivated environment. I don’t want my job to end at 5. If you want to be extremely successful, you’ve got to be willing to give up things close to you. Sure, you could be comfortable, but who wants to be comfortable when you’re making the world a better place? 

I’m willing to be put under extremes amount of stress, pressure and commitment, all because I’m aware of the extent of satisfaction that I derive from the sense of accomplishment. Sure, there is a chance you could accomplish this at a larger company, where you’re nothing but a number, but there is something about a startup that just seems to tickle my fancy.

Whatever you do, do it for the betterment of the people and the planet. Change the future, today.


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