If you haven’t already enrolled in a MOOC, I would strongly encourage one. They are a great learning tool for learning new material, or revision of older material. Here, Anant Agarwal talks about why MOOCs are important (I can also vouch for his circuits and electronics course!).


nCycle-foldedI will be working in collaboration with students from Seoul National University of Science and Technology on a electric bicycle and the nCycle definitely caught my eye. Granted, it still has it’s hiccups. But, being only so far in the rendering stage, the designers could still address these issues. The nCycle has some really interesting design concepts integrated into it.

Read more about it in the core77 article here:

App Academy bootcamp – tuition is free until you get a job


After a selective process to get admitted into the App Academy, the only fee you pay is 15% of your first annual salary, payable over the first six months. A 9-week, 90 hour a week boot-camp teaches you everything you need to know about coding. Huge initiative for students who can’t afford student loans.

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